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If you are European and live outside Europe you must have left more than 6 months ago indicated by the stamp in your passport.

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The German Railway offers frequent train travelers the chance to buy a card that offers discounts on every train journey. There are three different options:. Tripsavvy uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. Share Pin Email. Prices start at euros for 2 consecutive days up to euros for 7 days within a month. Bahncard 25 - This card provides a 25 percent discount on flexpreis flexible fares and sparpreis for one year.

The card costs just 62 Euros for second class.

Bahncard 50 - This card provides a 50 percent discount on Flexpreis and 25 percent discount on sparpreise within Germany. The card costs Euros for second class.

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Students, senior citizens , and children only pay half the purchase price. Bahncard - For the constant traveler, this card provides all-inclusive travel for one year. The card costs Speed limits: Dual carriageways and highways: 80mph kph Provincial or national roads: 62mph kph Local roads: 49mph 80kph Urban roads: 31mph 50kph.

Fines and driving licence suspensions are common for offenders, as are lifetime bans on driving. Passengers under the age of 12 are prohibited from sitting in the front seat; they must sit in the rear of the vehicle in an approved child safety seat. Child safety seats can be rented from the majority of car rental companies.

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Those caught doing so should expect to receive a hefty fine. The majority of petrol stations accept credit cards and many are self-service. Drivers between the ages of 18 and 24 years are required to purchase additional insurance, but excess cover is recommended for all drivers.

Some have certain time or date restrictions so motorists should remember to check the signage. The majority of cities have self-pay ticket dispensers that allow parking for a certain amount of time.

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Traffic is a problem in many cities, but the autobahn rarely sees any traffic jams. Trains Fast trains enter Germany from surrounding countries including Switzerland, Austria and Poland. The German railway system is extensive; however, all tickets need to be booked in advance. Deutsche Bahn , or German Rail, operates the majority of services, which are quick and relatively frequent.

The train ride from Munich to Hamburg takes 6 hours, which is around an hour faster than driving the same route. There is also a Bahn card for those planning to hop on and off trains.

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Taxis Although not practical for long journeys, taxis are a common way of getting around within the cities. They can be flagged down or found at designated taxi points. All taxis run on meters, with set fares according to distance travelled. Buses Eurolines buses connect major German cities to other major European hubs. Many buses run overnight and booking in advance is usually required. There are also a number or regional services and local lines; however, they rarely run more than once a day, while inner-city buses are more frequent.

Airports Although travelling by train is by far the most popular way of getting around, there are a number of domestic flights available. The main commercial airports are in Frankfurt and Munich, which are also the most common entry points from international locations. These hubs have a number of daily flights to the major cities in the country. The Bavarian culture of beer and lederhosen tends to be the first images that spring to mind at first mention of Germany, but there is much more to this nation.

While Frankfurt is the financial centre, the industrial city of Hamburg is the powerhouse and a great place to visit for those seeking stunning architecture alongside trendy bars and restaurants. However, for those wanting an altogether different nightlife experience, it has to be Berlin. Eight of the tastiest German foods for autumn. Berlin Christmas market attacker 'took selfie near Merkel's home'. Sign up here to receive the next newsletter. International study in Sweden. The Swedish university turning student ideas into startups Has this university in southern Sweden found the recipe for innovation?

Brexit: Germany 'won't oppose deadline extension' Germany will not block a request from Britain to extend the deadline for its exit from the EU beyond October 31st, Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman said Wednesday.

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Germany open to 'short' Brexit extension. Protesters to hold Berlin demo over final Brexit referendum. Expat health insurance. State elections in Germany. Turbulent politics: How wind energy became a divisive issue in Germany. Health insurance in Germany. Working in Germany: A complete guide to minimizing your salary deductions Save money with a few simple steps. Coffee capital. Around Germany. Unlimited magazines. The unexpected side effect of moving abroad Moving overseas changes you in many ways but perhaps most surprising is the way it affects your relationship with your home country.

Living in Germany. Should Germany raise the retirement age to 69? Angela Merkel.

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Macron to host Merkel for dinner ahead of Brexit deadline. Can Germany overcome speed bumps on road to fight climate change? Studying in Germany. Studying in Germany: Seven unusual academic traditions. MyGermany by The Local's readers. How to take over The Local Germany's Instagram for a week. MyGermany: 'Living outside the Berlin Ringbahn means less competition'.

FOR MEMBERS 12 colourful German expressions that'll add swagger to your language skills Idioms in a foreign language are some of the hardest things to master - so here are some of the more pithy German ones to give you a head start! How Martin Luther gave Germans a language everyone could use. Seehofer: Germany 'ready to help' Turkey, Greece after new spike in refugee arrivals.

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