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Is there anyone here who plays Arizona sunshine? Quest vs PSVR. As most people are saying, PSVR is still way more comfortable It cannot be overstated how awesome it is to not have to face a camera in Oculus quest. Any ideas to what is causing this? Where is Spooky's jumpscare mansion?

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With a headset and motion tracking, VR lets you look around a virtual space as if you're actually there.

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It's also been a promising technology for decades that's never truly caught on. That's constantly changing with the current wave of VR products, especially as the biggest names in the industry are starting to really hone and tweak their headsets. Oculus has both tethered and standalone headsets from the Go, to the Quest, to the Rift S.

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Sony has the PS 4-focused PlayStation VR that will apparently work with the PlayStation 5 if and when that system comes out , and Microsoft is supporting its Windows Mixed Reality platform with a variety of headsets from different manufacturers. However, these shell-like headsets, which require a phone or some other device physically inserted into them, feel like novelties next to more powerful headsets that can provide more immersive experiences. Modern VR headsets now fit under one of three categories: Mobile, tethered, or standalone.


Mobile headsets are shells with lenses into which you place your smartphone. The lenses separate the screen into two images for your eyes, turning your smartphone into a VR device. While they can offer a taste of VR, mobile headsets don't provide the full experience. They tend to offer three-degrees-of-freedom 3DOF motion tracking, following your direction but not your position. They also only come with one motion controller, which is also 3DOF-only.

You don't get the same immersiveness you do with six-degrees-of-freedom 6DOF motion tracking and dual motion controllers, which might be why Google and Samsung have been largely quiet lately about their mobile headsets. The cable makes them a bit unwieldy, but putting all of the actual video processing in a box you don't need to directly strap to your face means your VR experience can be a lot more complex.

The use of a dedicated display in the headset instead of your smartphone drastically improves image fidelity, and either external sensors or outward-facing cameras on the headset provide full 6DOF movement tracking. The trade-off, besides the clunky cables, is the price.

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There are also third-party wireless adapters for the Rift, but we can't guarantee how well they work. Standalone headsets were at first a useful novelty that offered a taste of VR without an investment into a gaming PC or a flagship phone. The Oculus Go and the Lenovo Mirage Solo are both capable headsets that work well on their own, but they have the same limited controls as mobile headsets. The recently released Oculus Quest, however, has really sold us on this category. Combined with a faster Snapdragon processor compared with the Oculus Go's Snapdragon , the Quest offers a much more compelling and immersive VR experience, all without the unwieldy cable or PC requirement of the Rift S.

HTC's Vive is a comprehensive package that includes a headset, two motion controllers, and two base stations for defining a "whole-room" VR area. It's technically impressive, and can track your movements in a foot cube instead of just from your seat. It also includes a set of motion controllers more advanced than the PlayStation Move.

If that isn't enough power, the Vive Pro Eye adds built-in eye-tracking to the already advanced headset. The Oculus Rift was the first big name in the current wave of VR, and Oculus is still a major player.

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The Rift S has a higher resolution than the Vive but not as high as the Vive Pro or, strangely, the Oculus Quest and newer and lighter Oculus Touch motion controllers, and doesn't need external sensors to work. You can also use SteamVR games with the Rift, but this requires some software wrangling, and can have its quirks. However, those motion controls are where the PlayStation VR lags behind; the headset still uses the PlayStation Move wands from the PlayStation 3 era, and they aren't nearly as capable or comfortable as the Oculus Touch controllers.

They're also expensive, and not always included in PlayStation VR bundles. Microsoft has been promoting its partnership with multiple headset manufacturers to produce a series of Windows ready "mixed reality" headsets. The distinction between virtual reality and mixed reality is so far dubious, but it indicates an integration of augmented reality AR technology using cameras on the helmet.

From the different headsets we've tested, the hardware is sound and the setup is simple, but position tracking isn't as accurate as tethered headsets with external sensors or the Rift S' new outward-facing tracking cameras. They respectively worked with Google's and Samsung's flagship phones, like the Pixel 3 and the Galaxy S9. However, both companies have been very quiet over the last year or so about the category, and we've yet to see a Gear VR headset compatible with the Galaxy S10 series.

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  7. As VR hardware goes, Quest is a new type of impressive.
  8. You slide your phone into one, put it on your head, and start tapping away with the included remote. Perhaps we'll see some 6DOF updates, but we aren't counting on it. You build your own controllers with cardboard and play games using the Switch and motion-sensing Joy-Con controllers. You then build other controllers, like a camera or a blaster, and attach them to the headset to play games. It's fun and engaging, but even with an impressive game development kit in the software, it's ultimately just a novelty. The Labo VR Kit mostly provides 3DOF motion control, even if it uses the Joy-Cons' motion sensors in some very clever ways one controller creates a triangulated 6DOF motion control system using both Joy-Cons in tandem , and the Switch's p screen offers some of the simplest and grainiest VR graphics we've seen in years.

    It scores so highly with us because as its own product, a crafts kit for kids who want to learn about VR and game development, it's excellent. It just isn't a feasible VR platform like the other systems discussed here. The newest breed of mobile headsets can also be considered "tethered," because instead of inserting your phone into the headset itself, you physically connect your phone with a USB-C cable. Qualcomm has been emphasizing the VR and augmented reality capabilities of its Snapdragon processor, and is promoting a new ecosystem of XR viewers including both AR and VR devices.

    These use the aforementioned USB-C connection to run all processing from a smartphone, while keeping the display technology built separately into the VR headset or AR glasses. The Oculus Go is the least expensive way to jump into virtual reality.