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They are amateurs, and so, by definition, they play for the love of sport. At some point in the more recent past—say, in , around the time that the historian Taylor Branch, who won a Pulitzer Prize for the first volume of his magisterial biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. Last year, Saban signed an eight-year contract with Alabama worth at least seventy-four million dollars. And then he makes even more money by appearing in commercials for, of all things, supplemental health insurance, while the players on whose damaged bodies his fortune has been built are not allowed to sell so much as a selfie?

Last year, the college-sports industry generated at least fourteen billion dollars in revenue; in , the N. Some individual university athletic departments make more than a hundred million dollars a year. College athletes, meanwhile, are compensated with the opportunity to go to school, where they sometimes struggle to keep up with schoolwork, given the consuming demands of their sports.

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Everyone knows this by now. Every so often, a particular story or detail attesting to this state of affairs will ripple across the Internet. There was a lawsuit brought by the former U.

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After the U. There have been changes on the margins.

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But, optics aside, up until now, the organization has had little incentive to make more drastic adjustments to the realities of modern college sports. That appeared to change on Monday, when the governor of California, Gavin Newsom , signed the Fair Pay to Play Act, which would allow athletes at schools in California to sign endorsement deals, hire agents, and receive compensation for the use of their names and likenesses, while retaining their scholarships and eligibility.

That law is intended to act as a kind of lever; other state legislatures are in the process of introducing similar bills. The California law is not particularly radical.

Josh Rosen BLASTS NCAA Over Insane Under Armour Deal

The bill passed the State Assembly by a vote of seventy-two to zero. To be fair, this is kinda true. This is the most reasonable thing the NCAA does, and it's far from perfect.

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You could argue it just underscores how bad it is that athletes don't get money unless they seriously need it. Anyway, the NCAA says 90 percent of its cash goes to benefiting student-athletes. That's a freakin' awful argument. It's bad enough for the NCAA to hold a billion-dollar event without paying the people that make it happen.

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It's even worse when they try to make it seem like they're generous for doing it. By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Spanish La Liga View team list. Filed under: College Basketball. Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email. Technically, the NCAA does distribute 90 percent of its revenue to schools. But very little of that money actually goes to the athletes in any comprehensible definition of that phrase. A whopping 85 percent of the money can be used however schools want it to be used. But the NCAA takes exception to that argument. NCAA trial.

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Unsurprisingly, the judge essentially disregarded the entirety of her testimony in ruling against the NCAA. So what about a more reasonable 50 percent?